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I transfer my skills.

If you need to communicate with pathological personalities (perverse, paranoid, passive aggressive…), if you even need to get out of their grip, I will then accompany you towards this exit, and I will train you in counter-manipulation.

If you need to communicate with a person whose communication is affected by a pathology, then you would need to know the limits of your interlocutor and the effective techniques for a calm and loving communication.

If you want better communication with your family or couple, with your neighbours, your team, Non-Violent Communication created by Marshall Rosenberg can be a solution.

Communicating effectively is a joy and a freedom.




The facilitation of a group therapy requires the therapist to have the ability to listen and regulate, so that everyone can express themselves or remain silent, and find, in this listening or speaking, the support, comfort and solutions that he or she needs.

In particular, I hosted:

  • groups of women facing domestic violence (Paroles de femme Program, Morbihan Council)
  • focus groups for overweight people (NUTRIMUT BRITAIN Program)
  • France-Alzheimer’s memory-café, which welcomes carers and patients.
  • I lead dream groups according to Robert Moss’ technique. …learn more

If you need a group facilitation, you can contact me and we will discuss your project.





he assessments can be used to evaluate psychological structure, cognitive functioning, clinical condition.

They can be a help for your doctor to diagnose your condition, or for your school record if you have specific needs, or for your insurance record in the event of an accident for example.

And in the shrink parley?

Indications: developmental disorders, adjustment disorders (academic difficulties, family conflicts), gifted children, developmental delay, old age-related disorders, depression or self-esteem scale…