claire fayeRaising consciousness and joy


Because I believe that one can heal differently, I develop different and sometimes fun ways to heal, to raise consciousness, to increase joy, health, and to live one’s dreams.

My values



I think that kindness allows me to listen with great attention to my interlocutor, to his/her individuality, and that in this way I can put myself in the service of his/her needs and dreams. I deeply respect the unique form he/she manifests in this life. Collaboration and confidentiality are at the core of my ethics.


My training is continuous: having graduated with three masters degrees, I believe in studying. It is through the competence that comes with experience that I can effectively support my clients in their personal development processes, which is different every time. I share what I have learned.


Innovative solutions require creativity, this mixture of technique and fantasy, sometimes inspiration. I respect people, but not necessarily traditions. The freedom to think, to be who we want, to do what makes us happy, is the goal.

My story


After training as a historian and an artist, and a career as a conservator of cultural heritage, combining the conservation work of ethnographic objects and consulting in museums’ organization, – 15 years of devoting myself to the beauty and health of heritage -, I chose to go back to school and become a psychologist to devote myself to the well-being and health of my human brothers.

After 10 years of experience in a private practice as a psychologist, and an essential meeting with Robert Moss, I claim my entire curriculum by proposing psychotherapy along three innovative lines:

  • free-lance psychotherapy applying humanistic psychology and using modified states of consciousness (hypnosis, EMDR, dreams, shamanism)… learn more
  • psychotherapy in context, with home organising, Zebra-Harmony consulting… learn more
  • stories, imagination and dreams that we all now know are the way to the unconscious, the collective and the solutions. It can also be a group therapy… learn more